What shampoo and conditioner should I use?

All pieces and hair extensions offered by Super Hair Pieces are 100% human hair and are to be treated as such. Super Hair Pieces offer a variety of shampoo and conditioners that we recommend you use for your extensions or hair pieces.

The brands we offer include:



Wet n' Wavy


All of these shampoos and conditioners are available to purchase on our website for your convenience. We recommend purchasing all supplies from Super Hair Pieces to ensure the maximum longevity of you hair piece or extensions due to the fact that Super Hair Pieces offers the products that ensure the best results. If you wish to purchase your shampoo and/or conditioner elsewhere please ensure that they are SULFATE FREE! Sulfate strips the hair of it natural moisture and will cause the hair to dry out rather quickly thus compromising the hair quality. Also try to avoid shampooing your hair everyday, shampoo also tends to dry out the hair especially if it is not conditioned well after the fact. We recommend shampooing the hair once a week, and washing the hair with CONDITIONER ONLY for the remainder of the week in order to maintain the soft texture of the hair. 

It is also important to note that if you decide to color your hair it is important to use shampoos and conditioners that tend to color treated hair. There are many shampoos and conditioner that are specifically for color treated hair such as: 

Amika keep your color shampoo

Amika keep your color conditioner

Keune color care shampoo

Keune color care conditioner

These products are also available on our website for your convenience. It is important to use products specific for color treated hair to ensure the color stays in tact and the hair keeps its soft and natural texture.

Canadian Website Links:

Link to Shampoos: http://superhairpieces.ca/supplies/washing-styling/shampoo/ 

Link to Conditioners: http://superhairpieces.ca/supplies/washing-styling/conditioner/

US and Other Website Links:

Link to Shampoos: https://www.superhairpieces.com/new-category-4/

Link to Conditioners: https://www.superhairpieces.com/conditioner/