Step-by-Step Instructions 

Using hairpiece tape to attach your hair replacement system is a convenient, easy, and mess free way to get a secure bond for both daily and extended wear.

Below we'll explain how to apply tape to your hairpiece. You can use these tips for most types of tape.

It is very important to have a properly cleansed scalp. Make sure your scalp is free of any oils and residue. I recommend using a Scalp Protector on your scalp and on the base of your unit before you place the tape on. Make sure the base is dry before you put the tape on.



Step One: Applying Tape to the Base

  • Your first step is to apply the toupee tape to the under part of the base of the hair system. My suggestion is to find the right contour tape that matches the shape of the outer edge of your base. If there isn't a contour that matches, simply cut a strip from an adhesive roll to fit.

  • Peel back the split liner from the hairpiece tape.

  • Now you are ready to apply the tape, place it as close to the outer edge as possible. Make sure that it doesn’t stick out past the edge. Press the tape down firmly.

  • Once the tape has been applied to the base, peel the backing off the strips that will touch your scalp.

Step Two: Attaching Hair System onto Head

  • Now moving slowly and carefully, place your unit onto your head. I suggest making a couple of marks were you would like it be placed at the front of your head.

  • Once the unit is on your head, adjust it into place and carefully apply pressure to all the tape areas. Another tip I have is to use a flat object to help press down the edges and get out any air bubbles. Now your hair system is securely bonded and ready to wear for styling.


Step Three: Condition your Hair System

  • Finally, spray a light mist of water over the hair, followed by a few pumps of our Fibre Force Spray On Conditioner. This "leave-in" conditioner will help your hair system to stay soft and supple and protected from oxidization.