Real live email example inquiring about the M101


Hello George

I purchased two hairpieces from you last month, and after making a 6 hour round trip to have them cut and styled last Friday, was finally able to wear them. I have worn each one only twice, and today as I was cleaning the tape from one of them, the base just ripped (as shown in the photo below). I have been wearing hairpieces for 25 years and have never had this happen before. I look after my hairpieces well (the fact that they last so long attests to that). The tape I was using was the recommended Walker No Shine and I was using an alcohol-based cleaner to free the tape. 

I am not at all happy that this product is so flimsy that this could happen and am at a loss as to what to do now. Is it a faulty base or is this common with this model? I assume this cannot be repaired? Can you please advise me?


*Alex the Anonymous (to help protect the privacy of our customers)


Hi, *Alex:

It's very common for people to physically break the base of the M101 in the first couple of days.

But once you know how to treat this kind of base, the hairpiece can last for 2 to 4 months.

This could happen with just a small tear gap and then it develops into such a huge tear.

Just treat the base like a piece of paper and you will understand better how to take care the physical damage.

When detaching the M101, most will use a dampen cotton swap with solvent and insert it underneath the hair piece from ear area, then slowly move the cotton swap to open the whole edge of perimeter of the unit.

Once the edge has been open, then spray the solvent while you taking off the base.

In this case, most people just use extra tape along the broken gap and continue use it for a while.

I hope this can help you 

George Li