Extension Order Guidelines

(Canadian Version)


Setting Up An Account

  • Provide your name, business name, contact information and a photograph or a scanned document of your stylist certificate/licence to us via email or text message

  • Visit www.superhairpieces.ca to register your account

  • Inform us once you sent us the copy of your certificate and we will move your account into our dealer group.


Orders Placed Online

  • Receive instant updates of real time inventory

  • Order 24/7, avoid manual delays and mistakes

  • Collect and redeem reward points with our reward program

Other Ways to Place an Order

  • Call: 1-866-814-7879, 416-800-5056

  • Text: 1-866-814-7879

  • Email: sales@superhairpieces.com

  • In store at 215 Trader Blvd E L4Z 3K5 Unit #17, Mississauga, ON, (Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM)






Ontario most areas

Next business day (not guaranteed)



Other provinces most areas

Next business day

(not guaranteed)




Same Day Delivery (Available in the Greater Toronto Area Only)

  • Prices starting at $12, varies depending on City and service required

  • Delivery by 5 PM: call by 11 AM

  • 4 hour service : call by 12 PM

  • 3 hour service: call by 1 PM

  • 2 hour service: call by 2 PM

  • 90 min service: call by 2:30 PM


Shipping cut off time

  • For overnight shipping, please place order before 4:15 PM EST


Payment Methods

  • Credit card over the phone (Visa and MasterCard)

  • E-transfer

  • Debit, Cash (in store only)


Exchange and Return Policy

  • Returns accepted within 2 weeks of ordering (15 days Return/Exchange policy), must be in original condition

  • After 2 weeks, an 80% credit of the value will we added to your account towards future orders

  • Large returns are subject to a handling fee

  • No returns after 3 months of ordering


Recommended Quantity

  • Full head for U tip/ I tip/ tape extensions (50 grams per pack) : 2-3 packages

  • Full head for machine weft extensions (100 grams per pack) : 1-2 packages

  • Full head for hand tied weft extensions (65 grams per pack) : 2-4 packages


Hair Extension Maintenance

  • IMPORTANT: Always wash the extensions with shampoo before applying any heat tools for the first time. This ensures any coating from the factory gets washed off and not burned, causing damage to the hair

  • Brush extensions gently twice a day to avoid matting

  • Deep conditioning treatments can be done on the extensions (avoid the bonds) to maintain the softness

  • Avoid clarifying shampoos and swimming in highly chlorinated waters

  • Try to minimize the amount of heat applied to extensions

  • Tape extensions can be reused by applying new tape to the bonds. Suggested to last 2-3 cycles of wear


(Wholesale Prices for Business Owners)

Extension Color Ring Tape_Hair Extension Tape tabs

Extension Color Ring: $15       Hair Extension Tape Tabs: $12

Extension Pliers  Hair Extension Puller

Stainless Steel Pliers: $34.20                 Pulling Tool: $6.75

Hair Extension Remover Hot fusion Iron Micro Link Cold Fusion I Tip Extension 1000 Tubes

Extension Release: $10.80              Hot Fusion Iron: $42.75                   Micro Beads (100 pieces): $5