My order never arrived

If your order never arrived this could be due to a shipping delay, please refer to the question Has my order shipped for reasons this may be. If you order has shipped and has not arrived there are a couple possible reasons for this.

  1. The full number of business days have not passed: If you have chosen the 3-5 business days method, if your order has not arrived in 3 days, it has most likely not reached its destination yet and will be with you shortly.

  2. The shipping courier has lost your package: If this issue occurs we will open a case with the courier to locate your order. If they are unable to do so once they have reimbursed the cost of the package, we will provide you with a full refund.

Orders that are lost:

Superhairpieces will do everything in our power to ensure prompt delivery on all orders.

However, due to acts of nature and others issues there are times when our chosen carries are

not able to perform the service requested. If this happens contact customer service, this

Typically takes 7 to 10 days to resolve.