SuperHairPieces Care Instruction for Your New System


Here are a few instructions and tips on how to maintain and care for your hair system after it has been installed. Follow these quick tip instructions to ensure you get the maximum wear out of your system.


Supplies you will need:

1) Tape and/or glue

2) Scalp Protector

3) Finger nail Brush

4) Shampoo

5) Conditioner

6) Leave in conditioner

7) KP solvent/C-22 Solvent

8) Alcohol 

9) Fine tip brush


All of these products are available on our website or in store for you to purchase. Make sure you have what you need in order to take care of your hair properly and ensure longevity. 


Removing your system:

  1. Remove existing tape using an adhesive remover such as C-22 solvent or KP solent

  2. Use alcohol to wipe off excess tape and residue from hair piece and scalp


Removing tape and residue:

  1. Spray solvent on the base of hairpiece or pour solvent in flat container and lay the base of hairpiece in the solvent and let soak for 10-20 minutes

  2. Remove your hair system from the solution and lay it in the sink, base face up (the hair will be on the bottom)

  3. To clean the lace and/ or poly areas use an old gift card and gently scrape outwards, then gently brush the broken down adhesive residues with a nail brush to loosen and break it free.

  4. After getting most of the excess residue off, place your unit back into the container full of solvent or spray base and let soak for 2-3 more minutes.

  5. Moving your system from the solvent back into the sink, squirt a liberal amount of hand dish washing liquid onto the base while it is still dripping wet with solvent. At this point, any remaining adhesive residue will have lost all tack.

  6. Gently glide the fingernail brush across the edge of the base and out through the hair — all the remaining adhesive residue should slide off easily. After a few minutes of brushing, rinse your system with high pressure lukewarm water down through the base. (Repeat this step a second time)

  7. If there is still adhesive residue in your hair system, you most likely didn't soak it in the solvent long enough. Go back and repeat that step.



Washing your system:


  2. Run water through your system while brushing it at the same time. 

  3. Take a moderate amount of shampoo and apply to the hair on your system

  4. Rinse shampoo out thoroughly, making sure there is no shampoo left

  5. Gently brush system before applying conditioner

  6. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to hairpiece, ensure that every strand is covered with conditioner. 

  7. Leave in for 5-10 minutes, to deep condition leave in for 20-40 minutes for optimal results 

  8. Rinse out conditioner, make sure you have rinsed out all the product out.


Drying and Styling:

  1. Towel dry first. Make sure to get out any excess water.

  2. Apply leave in conditioner.

  3. Gently brush out hair to remove any tangles, do not brush to roughly to avoid damaging the base.

  4. Allow to air dry, if you are going to use a blow dryer use low heat setting to avoid heat damage.

  5. Proceed to style hair as desired.