Durability vs. Naturalness

In regard to the quality of our units, nothing has been changed, All of our hairpieces are made out of 100% human hair, and are individually hand made. Therefore no 2 units will be ever be identical. Thus unfortunately  once in a while you may receive a unit that is not made as well as one you have previously received but this happens on a rare occasion and is usually not a reoccurring issue. 

Majority of the time our clients are pleased with the hairpieces they receive and we keep our promise to provide great quality hairpieces at great prices.  In order to prevent this from happening in the future you must consider the following: Are you more concerned with durability or naturalness? These two factors do not go hand in hand thus you cannot have both when selecting a hairpiece. Super hairpieces major concern is to provide natural looking hairpieces to our clients thus the durability is automatically compromised. When it comes to our more natural pieces we make our knotting size very tiny in order for the hairpiece to look as natural as possible thus, that might sacrifice the durability. Our more natural looking pieces consist of the following models:

  1. M101
  2. M103
  3. M105
  4. HD105
  5. M106
  6. M107
  7. M110
  8. M111
  9. HD111
  10. M115
  11. M116 S,M,L
  12. M118 (European hair)
  13. M121 (European hair)
  14. M158
  15. M161

If you prefer durability Super Hair Pieces does offer some more durable pieces, but it is important to note that when choosing a more durable piece, please be aware that these pieces are not as natural looking. Our more durable pieces include:

  1. M100
  2. M102
  3. M104
  4. M108
  5. M109
  6. M112