Custom Orders Adjustment/Repair Policy

For Custom Order clients only

All custom hair systems may be resubmitted for changes such as color, density, etc. within 10 days:

  • If we made a mistake, we will correct the problem and cover all shipping costs. This result will only occur if the custom order does not match the specifications on the order sheet.
  • If the customer made the mistake, they will incur any cost to fix the problem (if they want it fixed) along with the shipping costs. 

We offer corrections on custom systems provided the customer does the following: they must first give us an opportunity to correct any errors such as density, color etc. Then we will send back the corrected hair system to them. 

If the customer chose the wrong color, sized base, type, length, style, etc., then we will charge a fee of no less than $55.00 to correct the problem.  Additionally, any extra charges such as rush, super rush or extra hair length charges will not be refunded.

We can only guarantee the order as submitted by the client. If the client chooses the wrong specs, they are responsible for any additional costs. We are more than happy to assist our clients but we are under no obligation to do so.

Rush order can not be cancelled once your order is submitted. We do not guarantee the rush schedule, if we failed the rush to save extra weeks, we do not refund the rush surcharge.