Are All Superhairpieces Stock Units Curly?

Above image 1: All of Superhairpieces Stock units comes in 6" length and 32mm curls for packaging convenient purposes. Since all the units are made out of human hair (unless specified on some grey level selection), the 'curls' won't stay curly for long because no hair (perming) chemicals was added to make the hair stay curly.

Above image 2: The hair curls will go less curly/wavy faster depending on the haircut and style you select. 

For example, if you normally wear a 2 to 3 inch hair style and when purchasing our stock unit and getting a haircut, 

essentially you will then be cutting off 3 to 4 inches of the 'curly' part of the hair.Above image 3: This is the stock unit (with nothing altered - base cut, hair cut/style etc.) after washing and brushing the hair.